RJP Projects

The compamy was formed in 2010 by Richard Peck to provide professional services to a variety of industries. We specialise in delivering technical solutions and works and can dynamically adapt to your needs.

RJP Projects Ltd, a professional services company serving the needs of our customers in a focused and reliable manner.

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RJP Projects Ltd

Our parent registered company which oversees all the various projects we undertake.

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Project Manager UK

Home for our bespoke, online, database driven project management tools. We work with customers to understand their database needs and develop a custom solution to fit their project needs.

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Pecky's Decoder

We developed our own in-house web based and windows software to decode the security code and other information from electrcal modules in Vauxhall cars.

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Tech 2 Guru

Showcase of retrofits and works which can be undertaken for the various models of car, This site is also the home to the online store and the works booking system for diagnostics.org.uk

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Discussion forum for the whole vauxhall range focussing on the technical aspects. The forum was opened in 2010 on the formation of RJP Projects to discuss the retrofit and diagnostic services offered.

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Insignia Drivers UK

The UK's largest Vauxhall Insignia car club and discussion forum is hosted and managed by RJP Projects Ltd. The forum brings together owners and enthusiasts to share knowledge and advice.